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Welcome to my education-based site! I'm Dr. Steven G. Yeomans, and it is my mission to offer the health care provider (HCP) community distance-learning options to promote and enhance an evidence-based practice approach.

As you navigate the Web site, please notice on the right, a “resources” column that offers various information including links to my Chiropractic practice as well as a link for signing up to recieve "To Your Health" newsletter.

On the left side of the site, the menu provides links to my bio, my published works, and products available for purchase. In the near future, my lecture schedule will be available as well.

The “Products” option gives you 4 choices:

  • Continuing Education - includes course notes and educational materials from various conferences or seminars where I’ve presented
  • Therapeutic Aids - includes the exercise manual/CD, inclinometer, rocker board, Whizzer, and other rehab related aids
  • Administration Tools – these include the CD of Forms (outcome tools located in the text appendix & since 2000), macros for dictation, sample forms for documentation, Work Comp and PI documentation course notes, and others)
  • Package Deals – offers a grouping of items that I feel are needed to create an evidence based practice approach. A significant discount is offered for any of the packages, compared to buying the items separately.

These educational tools were created to enhance the Health Care Provider’s (HCP) ability to track outcomes in a clinical practice setting. This allows for prompt clinical decision making and enhances the HCP’s ability to communicate effectively with the patient and/or insurer (regarding progress), promotes an evidence-based patient management approach, and creates a bullet-proof documentation approach that is evidence-based.  

The tools available offer both subjective (paper and pen questionnaires – Forms CD and text) and objective (physical performance tests – Quantitative Functional Capacity Evaluation or QFCE manual and DVD) methods to determine if a treatment intervention is helping the patient. Exercise options that relate to each test of the QFCE are available for a simple and seamless transition from test to treatment option(s) (exercise manual and CD). If an automated option is desired, the well known “Phases Rehab” software is now coupled with the QFCE Protocols and includes both the QFCE related exercises and extremity exercises. This encompasses rehab oriented SOAP notes, exercise logs, and much more.

Please feel free to contact me if further clarification is desired.






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